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Since Last 5 Years, is a most trusted name in real-estate house.
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ESTATECLOUD.IN is the most trusted, highly appreciated and widely used real-estate ERP Software across the globe.

It covers all the operations of a real-estate business. Starting from land identification, land acquiring, project initiation, project completion and allotment to the customers. It also includes the total customer relation, project monitoring, and the stock inventory management. It has also various decision support dash board, reports, also Management Information System reports and Finance Management System (FMS).


Reliable & Secure

User wise role & activities. User based data accessibility & security. Multilevel of transaction approvals.

Easy to Use

Intuitive Screen Layout & Structure with advanced sorting & filter option and built-in user help.

Strong Audit Trail

Information captures at one point and reflected in required activities. Supported with validations.

Decision Supportive

Supported analytical dashboard and reports for faster decision making and work action.

Highly Designed

Well structured and designed screen capturing exhaustive information in a systematic manner.

Precise & Faster

Extended options for various parameter configuration & basic information set up.


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